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Simple Steps To Success Online:

1. Get trained by a group who has proven internet marketing success online

2. Learn the proper skills you need to make money online

2. Build your own contact list using Lead Capture Pages (LCP)

3. Brand yourself with your own Blog

4. Monetize your list and your blog

It’s a system that has proven to work for hundreds of people
and it will work for you!

Here’s Examples of Lead Capture Pages
That Are Working For Me:

My Contact List Builder LCP

My Second Income Coach LCP

My Traffic Leads 2 Income LCP

My Host Then Profit LCP

I advertise my Lead Capture Pages, add prospects to my Contact List and send them to my Blog to look at the programs I promoting. It’s a system that works!

Join These Free Training Programs And
Get Trained To Succeed!

These are the 3 training programs that our group is using to teach and train our members. We use Skype to communicate so add me to Skype and let’s connect. We have very active Skype groups and you can get plugged in and join the conversation and ask questions at every step of your training!

Contact List Builder (CLB)

Here you will learn the importance of building your own contact list. You’ll learn how to get everything set up and how to get people to join your list. You’ll learn how to communicate with your list and how to monetize it. Again, we have a very active CLB Skype Group for you to join.

Contact List Builder

TrafficLeads2Income (TL2I)

This is the first program I recommend. Learn how to set up your own Lead Capture Page that has YOUR Picture on it and that adds the leads into YOUR autoresponder! Easy step-by-step tutorial walks you through each step and makes it easy. You will have a professional, lead-pulling Lead Capture Page up and running in less than an hour! We also have a very active TL2I Skype Group where you can get your questions answered quickly.


Second Income Coach (SIC)

Another comprehensive training program that teaches you to brand yourself online. Lots of video training, live presentations, and personal support. Learn the ins and outs of social networks, traffic exchanges, safelists and many other places to advertise your Lead Capture Page online. We also have an active SIC Skype Group here that you can join and be a part of a winning team!

Second Income Coach

Don’t try to do this on your own! Join the most successful, committed Internet Marketing Team on the internet and learn from us!


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