Promote Yourself With Your Own Video Blog!

Promote Yourself With Video

Learn To Promote Yourself With
Your Own Video Blog!

A Video Blog is the best way to promote yourself and your passion online. Whether you want to promote own your family, your business, your favorite charity, your hobby or your own videos, a Video Blog is the best method to get the word out and make an impact.

A video is the most powerful way to brand yourself and create an emotional and personal connection with your targeted audience.

Learn The Secrets To A Successful Video Blog!

Elements of a Successful Video Blog:

1. What’s the reason you want to build a Video Blog? To share family videos? To advertise your favorite charity? To promote your business? Your Video Blog should have a definite theme and be focused. My focus is affiliate marketing. How about you?

2. You need a stable hosting company. You need a company that will host your blog, host your videos and host an autoresponder so you can start building a contact list of followers who are interested in you and what you’re doing online. I recommend GVO, a one-stop hosting company that hosts all my Video Blog, my videos and my autoresponder.

3. Start producing interesting videos that inform and entertain your audience. This may seem hard at first but YouTube is filled with many sources of content that you can re-purpose and incorporate into your own video. Watch other videos, learn the concepts being taught and make your own video in your own way and post to your Video Blog and share with your followers.

4. Monetize your Video Blog. Add links to affiliate programs and start making money from your Video Blog. Clickbank is a profitable source of easy to use affiliate programs that are targeted to your viewing audience. They have many affiliate programs that you can use that will relate to your videos and will seamlessly fit in and enhance your viewers experience.

5. Optimize your Video Blog for Search Engine Optimization. Your Video Blog will never get traffic, visitors or sales unless its optimized. This is a slightly technical procedure but the end result is worth the trouble. Imagine being listed on the first page of Google for your selected keyword! This could mean thousands of targeted visitors being sent to your site every month. I optimized my Video Blog and you can learn to do it too!

Here’s an example of a blog I built for my favorite charity.
I’ll teach you how to do this too:

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